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ResearchPod science podcasts connect the research community to a global audience of peers and the public, raising visibility and impact.
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why podcast

Why podcast?

Over the last five years, podcasts have become a major platform for communication, discussion and promotion of content across the globe.
We believe that to truly value the research being done on our behalf, we must be able to understand it, and it must be heard.
Our social media team will put your recording out to an audience of thousands from across academia, industry and the public, who are all interested in hearing about your work.

Our productions

Each podcast production is designed to provide an entry point to understanding your work for any non-specialist who wishes to find out more. A standalone podcast can highlight a specific point, while a podcast series offers the chance to break a topic down and tell your narrative to the audience. All podcasts include professional postproduction services? Treatment? ensuring the best possible audio. We offer three different production tiers to fit your budget and outreach goals.


Tier 1

Using our simple guide and upload form, send us a brief summary or abstract of your work (max. 1500 words), and one of our professional voice actors will narrate it.



Tier 2

Our editorial team and writers will work with you to create a script of around 1500 words, written in a language the wider community can understand. A professional voice actor will record the transcript.



Tier 3

Join a call with our producers to discuss your research in detail. Going above and beyond a narrated article, the dialogue of an interview is a great choice to explore ideas more fully and add clarity to your research.


We take payment in GBP, USD, EUR, CAD and more.

*VAT is chargeable to all UK based clients at 20%

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