How we work and who we work with

Here is a simple step-by-step outline to make our creative process clear and explain the steps involved in our project cycle.


Your concept

It all starts with your research: whether you want a simple audio abstract or full interview with a complete social media campaign, your work is what we’re here to talk about. No topic is too niche – podcast listeners are interested in new information and compelling communication, so give the story of your research a chance to stand out and speak, either for itself or in discussion with one of our hosts.



1. Audio abstract
Our project managers will forward on your information to the Editorial team, highlighting the core details of your work.

2. Introductory chat
The Editorial team will then contact you to gather background information, discuss the project further, and establish the sound, feel and goals of the recording.

3. Script development
With all the data and detail provided, we will set to work writing the script for your podcast. We’ll keep everything as simple as possible without sacrificing accuracy.

4. Script approval
The script will be sent back to you for oversight and approval, ensuring your research is accurately communicated. If you’ve opted for an interview or video podcast, then instead of a script, we will have built the background to your interview from your research and publication history and be ready to strike up a conversation at a time that suits you.



5. Original interview
We record the approved script with one of our professional voice actors, chosen by you. If you’ve chosen an Original Interview, this is when we arrange and conduct a Skype interview with your team.

6. Handover to post-production
The project, script, and voiceover are sent to one of our audio engineers to begin work.

7. Project approval
The team will then send you the initial recording, so you can see how the script, voiceover and direction have come together, and gather your feedback for any minor changes.

8. Podcast finalised
Once any changes have been made and you are happy with the final product, the podcast will be passed on to our social media team for publishing and dissemination.



9. Podcast published
Your podcast will be published across the ResearchPod website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, all podcast directories, YouTube, and social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We will also share the podcast with our collaborative partner channels, ensuring a minimum of 20,000 impressions. You’ll receive links to embed the recording in your own channels too.

10. Ongoing statistics monitored
Our social media team will monitor and assess the reach and impact of your podcast, tracking listeners and engagement demographics. This will later be provided to you as an impact report, showing the online influence of your podcast since its publication.


Read these testimonials from some of our previous clients for more about their perspectives and experience with podcasting their research.

Our clients

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