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  With the exception of a few hereditary cancers, there is currently no accurate method to predict whether someone is going to get cancer. Dr Andrew Teschendorff from the Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health, in collaboration with Dr Chen Wu from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, has created a computational method called CancerStemID…

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  Traumatic brain injury is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States, and 80% of traumatic brain injuries are classified as ‘mild.’ But, these can have serious and long-lasting effects.   Dr Jacyln Stephens, Associate Professor in Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University specialises in brain injury, rehabilitation, and…

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  In the digitalised world, citizens – while having control over their personal information – are increasingly exposing their data, and there are plenty of online platforms ready to collect this. Aigul Kaskina, in collaboration with the FMsquare Foundation, presents the concept of a fuzzy-based recommender system for user account privacy settings that can be…

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  What can we learn from our history to make positive changes for the future? Professor Michele Barbour investigates this question with Dr Joanna Burch-Brown, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Co-Chair of the Bristol Histories Commission, and Co-Director of Bridging Histories. Joanna talks about her work to celebrate diversity, empower people, and foster a sense of…

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