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  Understanding the function of time and space when an ecosystem is disturbed is essential for devising sustainable conservation and management policies, further complicated by anthropogenic disturbances. To understand and predict the response of ecological systems to these disturbances, researchers must develop new theoretical and experimental approaches.   The research team at the Theoretical and…

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  Clinical electrophysiology, the application of electricity to monitor or produce a physiological effect, seems such a core part of any modern hospital stay that it’s surprising how new it really is. Today, devices and techniques are more accurate and less invasive, making these lifesaving technologies  practically commonplace.   We spoke with Benjamin Scherlag, Professor…

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  Diagnosing diseases requires understanding of how cells respond to different medical conditions. Histology is a common two-dimensional way of studying such disease abnormalities, however major diseases are associated with three-dimensional cellular and tissue architectural changes.   Dr Cheng’s team has created X-ray histotomography, the first 3D imaging method that allows digital cell and tissue…

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  The rapid spread and constant evolution of COVID-19, has presented significant challenges to tracking true disease prevalence . In addition, the way we test for the disease is adapting and changing as more is learnt about the virus and new technologies become available. Some of these technologies can result in bias, and may not…

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