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Podcasts have become a major platform for communication, discussion and promotion of content across the globe. In the last month, 41% of Americans listened to a podcast, up from 21% five years ago.

Our dedicated team of researchers, audio engineers and social media managers can deliver a tailored podcast promotion strategy for your research, boosting engagement with your article and its Altmetric score by up to 500%.

Your recording will reach out to an audience of thousands, and we guarantee 20,000 online impressions for every episode. Our experience and expertise is dedicated to ensuring your hard work is heard clearly around the world.

We aim to transform the accessibility and lasting impact of your work, adding a media-friendly blend of grounded context, a familiar host, emotive relatable content and a direct, dialogic approach to community building. This has been termed in some circles as a SUCCESS story – “Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional Science Storytelling”


Tier 1 productions are as simple as 1-2-3: You write a summary of your work, submit it through our website, and we send you a recording within 2-3 weeks.


For Tier 2 and Tier 3 productions, you’ll work closely with the ResearchPod team of editors and producers to refine and contextualise your work. You can opt for a scripted product, recorded by a voice actor of your choice, or add your own voice and presence through a full interview with one of our producers.

Episodes are disseminated through the worlds’ leading podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. They are then shared through social media channels to our subscription base of engaged and enthusiastic listeners. From peers and professionals to lay-public, your podcast can reach a growing global audience.

For an additional £380, we will create an enhanced social media campaign, offering a focused promotion – our team will tailor promotion to your preferred demographic. We cannot guarantee minimum impressions for focused promotion.

ServicesTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Professional audio processing and optimisation
High-quality files shared with clients
Recording shared online to top podcast platforms
Executive review of drafts before release
Script and research prepared with ResearchPod team
Social media dissemination
Transcripts shared online
Phone or VoIP interview with ResearchPod producer
Enhanced social media promotion+£380+£380+£380
VAT is chargeable at 20% to all UK clientsVAT is chargeable at 20% to all UK clientsVAT is chargeable at 20% to all UK clients