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Saving the world with better data simulations


Ecosystem loss, extinctions and climate change are ongoing challenges to life on Earth, and coming up with a plan to tackle their effects requires an accurate picture of what’s happening where, and who is involved.


Prof Tim Haas, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, has taught and refined such models for years. In his latest paper, he lays out the case for a model unifying human behaviour, climate and ecosystem data, the computational power required to run it, and the credibility criteria any model should meet to prove its worth.


Read the original paper at: https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0226861


1:13      Introduction: Meeting ‘Grim Tim’
2:30     Poaching and ecosystems
13:01    Local newspapers as a data source
20:14   Models and credibility
26:53   Computing power
35:21   Proof of concept: Cheetah populations
41:00  Who can use these tools?
43:17   The alternatives to saving the world

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