National Love Your Pet Day 2023

Have you heard it’s National Love Your Pet Day 2023? Purr-fect podcasts for you

Celebrated annually on 20 February, we are marking National Love Your Pet Day 2023 by giving you an animal special to enjoy. Welcome to our purr-fect podcasts, picked by our team at ResearchPod. These episodes were selected with a little help from our furry friends, so dive into the animal and creature podcasts below, and learn a little more about us (and our pets!). 

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Cameron & Marley

Owner: Cameron Townsend, Audio Engineer

Pet: Dog (husky)

Name: Marley

Age: 5 years old

Description: Fluffy, cuddly, jealous

Quirky habits: Loves cuddles, gets jealous very easily, and is easily excitable

Frequently spotted: Rolling around in the snow or a muddy puddle

Cameron’s podcast pick: Unravelling the Mysteries of Deep-Blue Luminescence


April, Wilkie & Winnie

Owner: April Keeble, Social Media Manager

Pets: Dogs (Pomeranians)

Names: Wilkie and Winnie

Age: 3 years old

Description: Naughty, loving, cuddly (oh and LOUD!)

Quirky habits: Love to eat carrots with tummy tickles

Frequently spotted: In bed

April’s podcast pick: How do zebra finches learn to talk?


Troy & Milo

Owner: Troy Baker, Partnership & Events Manager

Pet: Cat

Name: Milo Baker

Age: 7 months old.

Description: Fluffy, playful, cuddly

Quirky habits: Will be your best friend, try to use your hand as a toy, and then run up the curtains

Frequently spotted:  Either sleeping on a bed or in a pile of clothes

Troy’s podcast pick: Physics, philosophy, and the emergence of life

Susie & Pancakes

Owner: Susie Spry, Operations Assistant

Pet: Rabbit

Name: Pancakes

Age: 18 months old

Description: Bolshy, demanding, adorable

Quirky habits: He loves attention, but only on his terms! If you haven’t given him enough strokes, he will chomp your fingers

Frequently spotted: Under the garden shed

Susie’s podcast pick: Traditions and tool use among Bili-Uéré chimpanzees

Carly & Oreo

Owner: Carly Houston, Social Media Executive

Pet: Dog

Name: Oreo

Age: 3 years old

Description: Energetic, mischievous, intelligent

Quirky habits: He will happily shred his own toys to pieces but will not touch the children’s. Oreo gets very jealous if anyone else receives attention – he will literally place himself between you!

Frequently spotted: In the windowsill staring at the world go by or whizzing around the local commons or woods

Carly’s podcast pick: Learning and Memory: How memories are encoded in the brain of the fruit fly

Sophie & Pippin

Owner: Sophie Merryfield, Social Media Executive

Pet: Cat

Name: Pippin

Age: 11 years old

Description: Small, cute, needy

Quirky habits: Acts like a dog

Frequently spotted: Around my neck

Sophie’s podcast pick: Making strides in veterinary pathology

Emma & Benji

Owner: Emma Feloy, Managing Director

Pet: Dog

Name: Benji

Age: 1 year old.

Description: Bouncy, clumsy, affectionate

Quirky habits: If anyone in the house sneezes, Benji will run over and nudge them to check they’re okay

Frequently spotted: Asleep on my feet or playing fetch

Emma’s podcast pick: Uncovering universal behaviour in biological systems

We hope you have enjoyed this animal special brought to you by the team at ResearchPod! Thanks for reading and listening – and stay subscribed to ResearchPod for more of the latest science. See you again soon.


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